Online reputation management - Quick Tip!

The challenge: Online reputation management can be tricky for businesses, as many companies aren’t even sure how to get started. Even if companies believe that they’ve got a handle on their reviews, Google’s autocomplete function could be filled with negative terms that are a huge blow to potential customers.

Compounding this challenge is the fact that online reputation management has been fraught with “black-hat” hacker tactics for years, making it difficult to know exactly what a startup founder should do.

Your solution: I can't stress how important online reputation management is for startups, since customers often lack confidence when purchasing from a new provider. In 2017, your mission is to focus on generating positive word of mouth and early buzz about your business.

So, tap into your existing customer base. Using a designated hashtag, invite these people to share feedback on their experience on social media. James Gaubert takes this one step further with a program Gaubert says “gains valuable insights from customers prior to their publishing a review online.”

That way, if a customer is dissatisfied, you can take immediate action to address the problem prior to the release of a negative review. “Capturing the customer in the moment means the customer will be less likely to spread their negative review across the internet,” says Gaubert!

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