Local SEO/local listings – Quick Tip!

The challenge: The world of SEO is constantly changing, especially when it comes to local listings, Google maps and mobile optimization. Local citations are a key component of ranking algorithms in Google. But it’s not enough to just claim your listing. You also need to identify and clean up duplicate listings that could be causing confusion among your customer base, and ensure all your listing information is up to date.

Your solution: James Gaubert advises that each business start by claiming and verifying its local listing. Next, submit all listing info to major data aggregators. If you are running into problems with duplicate-listing removal, partnering with a digital marketing agency like Advantix can help speed up the process.

“Something as basic as a well-executed local-listing program cannot be treated with any less importance than a significant pay per click campaign,” says James Gaubert. “It has been our experience that mainstream ad agencies with a digital department always come up short in many of the digital strategies our shop excels in. Local listings often fall into this category.

"We maintain a program to make sure all duplicate information is removed, as well as prevent any new potential duplication. Our analysts review our dashboards for data retrieval, including but not limited to, clicks, calls and promotions redeemed.”

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