Facebook – whats with all the ads?

James Gaubert - Digital Blog

Not so long ago I was watching the Social Network movie on television, there was at least one or two scenes where Mark Zuckerberg talked about not monetizing Facebook….ahhh how those days are long gone!

Is it just me or are Facebook ads popping up all over the place? And not in a good way! - It started selling mid-roll video ads, and more importantly, it started funding video projects that could host those ads. It’s even paying video publishers to make TV shows for Facebook, a chance for more video ad inventory.

- It started selling ads inside Instagram Stories. It’s tough to tell how popular Stories have been on other Facebook platforms like Messenger, WhatsApp and Facebook itself, but presumably those Story ads will show up on other platforms, too.

- It started selling ads inside Facebook Messenger, and was in Cannes to sell and educate ad buyers on Messenger ads just last month.

- It started testing ads in Marketplace, its Craigslist-style shopping section for buying or selling used goods, yesterday. It’s just a test for now, but yet another place

Facebook is hoping to find more ad inventory.

Either way, I may just be getting old but as we are spending less time infront of television Ads now seem to be taking over social…..and I’m not a happy bunny!


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