4 Content Strategies for Awesome Content

Is one of your goals to create amazing content, news releases, or product communications that are sticky and well formatted? Want to grab your target customers’ attention amongst all the online content clutter? If so then, please read on.

Strategy 1: Human Interest Stories

Human interest stories are very sticky and are most likely to go viral, they focus on core human emotions and are relatable to almost everyone. For this reason, many major corporations use human interest stories in their campaigns and advertisements. When creating content find a human interest story that relates to your goals and weave it into the core message of your news release.

Strategy 2: Startling Statistics

Distilling the real world into a startling statistics is a great way to grab attention. Pharmaceutical and insurance companies often use this method to grab the attention and create a sense of awareness in their campaigns. Start by researching statistics related to your content’s core message, the research may take a while but eventually you will find stats that could grab people’s attention.

Strategy 3: Use Eye Catching Anecdote

Anecdotes or short catchy stories are all over the internet and some have great appeal. Integrating these anecdotes into your message can make the story very eye catching; however, quite a bit of effort must be put into finding an anecdote that matches with your message.

Strategy 4: Fascinating Concrete Examples

Technology, news, and events all provide fascinating concrete examples relatable to your product or news story. Look for fascinating uses of a technology, or interesting news and events to relate your content.


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