Artificial Intelligence and SEO - The perfect marriage!

AI and SEO - James Gaubert

One of the buzzwords of 2018 so far has to be Artificial Intelligence. However, this doesn’t have to involve Will Smith and robots - machine and deep learning tools and technology is here to help speed up and replace human intelligence, this got men thinking about how best to apply this to the world of SEO!

In such a data-rich, time-poor environment, modern-day Search professionals have an unenviable task. Some of the most common challenges faced on a daily basis include:

  • Monitoring website performance in analytics platforms to discover insights.

  • Understanding audience behaviours to help deliver personalised experiences.

  • Generating content ideas that will deliver traffic and revenue.

  • Managing budget to stay within target margins.

  • Multitasking across the many aspects of an organic search campaign.

Too often, these restricting factors can lead Search professionals to make sacrifices in order to hit their targets. The resources just aren’t available to tap into the power of our consumer data, manage our budgets and delegate tasks all at the same time.

However, all of these objectives can be managed much more effectively and profitably with the assistance of artificial intelligence.

If we refer back to each of those challenges, AI can provide a fast, effective solution for each:

  • Monitoring performance: AI can process data, alert the user to any anomalies and highlight quick wins to action immediately.

  • Delivering personalised experiences: Machine learning can automatically tailor messaging based on a user’s historical and predicted behaviour.

  • Generating content ideas: Deep learning can identify trending topics and spot gaps in the market, then suggest new content titles.

  • Budget management: Artificial intelligence automatically recommends the areas where we can spend our time and money most profitably.

  • Multitasking: One of AI’s great selling points is its ability to juggle millions of balls at once. We can delegate multitasking to an AI-driven technology so we can get on with the more creative and strategic work.

In all walks of life, including search marketing, machine learning can and should lead to better results. This starts with understanding where our data comes from and what it could be used for, then deciding which business problems we want to use these assets to solve, and it goes without saying that human intelligence is also required - no need to start building an army of robots just yet!


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