Facebook tests 'snooze' feature!

Are you sick of your friends spoiling the World Cup, latest episode of Love Island or Game of Thrones storyline by posting info all over social media, before you've had a chance to catch up? Well you could soon be in luck as Facebook is now testing a new 30-day Snooze feature that will allow users to hide posts with specific keywords to help you do just that.

The new update has been rolled out to a small percentage of users already, and follows the introduction of snoozing for people, pages and groups which was introduced last December. In its current form users have to find a post containing the word they don't want to see before you can Snooze it - but Facebook has confirmed that it is working on "preemptive snooze" and "recurring snooze" to introduce to the update over the coming weeks. While the update will work on organic content, ads containing the keywords will still be shown, typical!

I for one do think this is a step in the right direction, especially recognising how much time we spend on social, nothing worse than seeing the score line or F1 results before I can actually catch up on tv!

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Its early days but the reviews are looking good :)

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