Quick PPC Hints & Tips!

James Gaubert - quick PPC hints and tips!

Ok so its been a while since I wrote a post, even longer when I did anything PPC related! Anyway, I'm forever working with younger milenials who on the whole tend to lack a bit of experience, and as we know experience goes a long way!

So with that I thought I'd put pen to paper and list out aq few quick hints and tips to help you all with your PPC activity....so here we go!

1. Increase your CTR with quality Ad copy - it may seem obvious but this is the best way to improve results. If you aren't a copywriter....hire one! Test and learn different copy, call to actions and messaging!

2. Use Ad extensions - Again this one might seem like an obvious one but Google has literally tons of different Ad extensions, don't go crazy, but de[pending on your campaign objectives make use of the extensions that are most relevant, this makes decision making easier for your consumers and should increase your CTR.

3.Geolocation settings need to be maximised - The geo settings on Adwords are amazing! This is one of the most overlooked and unused tools! Set parameters that will actually work and ensure your ads are relevant to your target audience!

4. Find new keywords - This might seem obvious but you should constantly be checking and refreshing your keywords. Consumer behaviour and terminology constantly changes, so should you!

5. Test call only campaigns - Landing pages can have some bad press, depending on your type of business why not try a direct to call approach. Depending on your geography I would imagine a large number of your ads will be seen on mobile, why not offer straight through to call?

6. Remarketing - so this isn't a new one anymore! If you aren't doing any remarking then you need to start now! Targeting potential customers who have been to your site but perhaps not made a purchase is a low cost way to maximise the use of your budget and drive consumers back...be smart about your targeting, maybe ramp up at the end of the month around payday?

7. Work your PPC account - So many people setup their accounts and spends at the beginning of the month and then review 30 days later, often scratching their heads as to why something hasn't worked! Shocker! Spend time in your account, change things and move spend if certain things aren't working or vice versa. Waiting till the end of the month is too late!

So there you go, some quick and easy hints and tips on how to maximise your PPC campaigns! Forthose of you that have been living under a rock for the past 6 months dont forget to check out my latest book, The A-Z of Digital Marketing by James Gaubert - available from Amazon via the following link: https://amzn.to/2HC7Bzh

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