Top Digital Tips for SMEs

Top Tips for SMEs by James Gaubert

Whether you run a craft making business , a small consultancy firm, or a café or even a food truck, you need to constantly be on the lookout for ways to attract clients, without breaking the bank. The following are 5 cost effective digital marketing strategies you can implement to market your business.

1. Set a budget, goals and KPIs!

The first step in digital marketing involves identifying and defining the end game and requires you to strategise on your budget. Ask yourself what results you’re trying to achieve and make decisions on what is most important to you. Are you interested in increasing your conversions, or are you aiming to start your journey into brand recognition? It is essentially that you know where you are heading before you start!

2. Pull together a digital strategy!

A digital marketing strategy is a written document (informed by research and insights) that addresses your goals and maps out which methods you will adopt and how you will use each one regularly to achieve the results you desire. It constitutes a road map for the overall process you will undergo. A meaningful strategy is what differentiates between the companies who make an impression online, and those who don’t. One of the reasons companies struggle to see results from their digital marketing efforts is because they dive in without any plan of action.

3. Be ready to splash the cash!

Online advertising is a great way to build your brand, raise awareness and reach potential target customers - thats the good news! However, it does come ate a cost, where you are looking at Google PPC and SEM, social media, or even SEO, be prepared that you are going to have to invest in these channels to see a return!

4. Make sure you use the right channels!

Know your customers, understand what makes them tick! What platforms do they use, what is their path to purchase and how can you interact with them in a cost effective manner to help drive conversion! Maybe traditional channels aren't relevant for your target audience! Do your homework!

5. Its all about content!

An excellent way of boosting your online efforts is starting a blog for your business. Strong content marketing is one of the most effective digital marketing tactics. Blogging helps you to speak directly to your customers, to demonstrate your expertise, to feed them information and position your value. It helps you to develop and strengthen relationships with existing and potential customers and helps others to connect with your brand.

Content really is king! The more content you can produce and share the better.

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