SEO in 2018

How Has SEO Changed?

In 2018, the term SEO should be synonymous with quality, more so than ever before!

Instead of employing shady black-hat SEO tactics to boost rankings, business owners should now be focused on creating a memorable, signature experience that keeps users coming back and sharing it with others, oh and wrap around some decent content and you should be good to go!

Google doesn’t want to reward websites for pumping out lacklustre content with a bunch of keyword steroids; it wants to reward websites that actually have something to say.

Don’t rely on old SEO techniques.

Google is constantly tinkering with its algorithm so that websites that users only spend five seconds on will go further down in the results page, this means UX is also more important, map out your customer journeys and ensure you are doing everything you can to keep consumers on your site for as long as possible!

Why Are Backlinks So Important For SEO?

Google rewards websites if they have a link posted on a high-quality site, such as a new organization, academic institution or that super popular recipe website that you click on every five seconds when you’re bored at work.

These sites carry weight in their industry. This means getting them to link back to your website will show Google you’re a trusted content developer and you deserve a higher place in their search rankings.

If you are still struggling then here are some quick top tips!!

Read the SEO Guides Out There

Google is taking the guesswork out of SEO by telling companies exactly what they want to see. You might want to look it over, hundreds of them exist on the web today so get searching!

Engage with Different SEO Communities

Who knew that there are so many professionals out there that live and breathe SEO? Don’t be scared, talk to them. You just might learn something!

Get Onsite SEO Right

If you’re looking at Google’s SEO guidelines, you might as well use them. Make sure everyone on your team is up-to-date on the latest changes to Google’s algorithms.

Develop and Leverage Relationships to Increase the Number of Quality Links to Web Assets.

Start reaching out to writers, journalists, influencers, bloggers, and other high-profile individuals that will validate your site’s content. Of course, no one is going to link to your site unless you have something truly awesome – so make sure you have something to share…like this awesome little article :)

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