Creating an Awesome Video!


Our attention span is really small, close to 30 seconds highlighted by a study. Therefore unless it’s a product explainer video, keep the video really short and save the rest of the content for follow up videos.


Bundle up everything and anything that your potential customers will be interested in, add video, stills of your product, employees, or location to add a variety to your products.


Messages make videos effective, you can add a message from one of your employees or a client testimonial or recommendations or review from buyers to add authenticity to your brand and product.


Humorous elements have better chances to click with the audience than a video with grave looks.


Every video should have a purpose attached to it, if customers liked your videos, they should have the option to reach you directly from the video. You can add CTAs to reach your website, or explore your products, or a special coupon or offer to give the user a chance to visit you again. Your customer should exactly know where to find you, so don’t forget to include your phone numbers, address, website address, and email. Even include your map for them to locate you.


Videos have more chances to be viral than online ad campaigns and it can be easy promoted on new platforms like social media and YouTube.

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