More Website Trends to Avoid...

Hiding Everything Behind Hamburgers

I love hamburgers, not just the irresistible juicy cheesy ones, but also the three lines hiding the entire navigation in the mobile interface. The hidden options get revealed on a single tap. Furthermore, it allows users to access a preferred item easily instead of following a certain serial order in navigation.

  • A clever solution that got misused in the desktop web design where hiding the navigation options is not required.

  • Usability is hijacked when too many options are tucked inside the hamburger, causing confusion.

  • Increases the bounce rate on landing pages.

  • An improper implementation makes it hard for users to browse the website.

Boring Typography

It’s not wise to use the same old typography for web pages when creative fonts are taking the branding to new heights. People are no longer are satisfied with a default available fonts and are experimenting more with custom and brand specific fonts.


  • Your page will depend heavily on visuals if fonts fail to create a visual impression and grab attention

  • Unlike brand specific or hand-drawn custom fonts, default fonts fail on branding and result in less number of shares

  • Going with the default font option gives an unprofessional outlook to your brand and website.

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