Keep Away From These Website Trends

Overdose of Parallax

In Parallax Scrolling, the background moves slower than the foreground, creating a 3D effect. It’s a hot favorite among designers to enhance designs and add a subtle depth to the elements, but can be overwhelming if executed by amateurs.


  • Heavy use of graphics and javascript slows down the website.

  • It’s bad for SEO as single page layout with parallax design has only a little content for search engines to crawl.

  • It has severe usability issues, with users complaining of motion sickness during scrolling.

Video Backgrounds

They came and conquered the home pages for a longer time. It’s a visually appealing trend with a large background video running behind the content of the web page. Video creates a very engaging experience, often showcasing the culture of the organization, storytelling their journey and products.


  • It affects the site load times as the extra seconds wasted during loading can deter visitors.

  • Content on the top of the video background has poor visibility, and the moving visuals make it tough to read and digest.

The popularity of videos has decreased on the home page, but they are emerging as a vital part of branding.

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