2017 PPC trends

James Gaubert - 2017 PPC trends

The world of Internet advertising is ever-changing and dynamic. New updates and features by most of the platforms, CPC advertising is undergoing rapid change. 2016 saw similar changes and it turned out well for the industry

Rise of Shopping Campaigns

Google constantly adds features to its shopping campaign and will continue to do so. Shopping campaigns allow marketers to add other information such as prices, product ratings, and Twitter followers. Further updates in 2016 allow marketers to add information such as nearby product availability and local product ratings available to the consumers.

Experience Based Advertising

The focus of marketing has already tilted towards customer experience. In 2016 experience based advertising will take center stage especially for E-commerce companies. Marketers will be able to display their products with interactive ads before an actual inquiry is made by a customer they will already be familiar with the product.

Video Ads

Video ads are comparatively cheaper than search ads, so video ads provide a great opportunity for businesses to connect with prospective customers. YouTube is owned by Google so it is obvious that Google wants YouTube to advance. Google provides integration between your video campaign and Ads. These improve conversions for PPC ads.

Look- Alike Audiences

Lookalike audiences share a common interest in a particular brand or topics. Facebook is considered to be the pioneer of PPC Ads to look-alike audiences. It is easy for Facebook as all its users are logged-in, but Google too has added features that enable displaying of pay-per-click ads to similar audience. It makes sense from a marketer’s point of view too as it increases the conversion rates.

Personal Targeting

Ads are about to get personal in 2016. With so much consumer data available it is important to utilize it for more personalization. Your age, income, education, interests are all available and that will be used to separate audiences and target different ads to the different groups.

Native Ads

Native advertising or sponsored content is essentially camouflaged advertising. It’s an ad that looks like it is part of the content of the platform on which it is located. The consumer is subconsciously being marketed with your product and over time will be inclined towards your brand.

Custom Automation

Automation will change the laborious takes that marketers have to face such as bid optimisation and understanding customer trends. Advanced prediction engines and smart bidding will become quite common for marketers.

2017 continues to be exciting for PPC advertising. Big data, automation, and customer focus will change the way ads are displayed.

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