Tips for PPC landing pages

James Gaubert - Tips for ppc landing pages

A pay-per-click landing page tends to rely on paid advertisements driving traffic to them. Brands pay the host of the ad for each click the ad receives, so tying these clicks directly to revenue is far more important than it would be for an SEO focussed landing page.

Everything on these pages, therefore, has to be optimised to encourage a valuable conversion. They’re usually much more succinct with a lot less ‘noise’ distracting from the key conversion goal. And they’re often visually more attractive and tend to highlight positive information about the service or brand to build trust at these key decision points – or ‘Zero Moment of Truth’, as Google refers to them.

Typically, a PPC landing page would contain these elements:

  • Consistent branding

  • Trust symbols of well-known brands that have used the product/service

  • Testimonials

  • Images or video

  • Prominent and strong headline

  • CTAs

  • Simple conversion form

The content on the page guides the visitor toward the final conversion, whether that be a checkout page, a registration page or a newsletter sign up. These pages are usually not intended to win organic SERPs, so don’t need to be optimised in the way that organic/SEO landing pages do. In fact, they are often only temporary pages designed to support campaigns. As such, it’s also a good idea to put ‘noindex’ tags on these pages to stop search engines crawling them and penalising your whole site because they aren’t optimised.

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