Personalized content experiences (one2one marketing)

James Gaubert - The Digital Diary (content)

Personalization, aka one-to-one marketing, is the key to delivering delightful customer experiences.

Consider this: you visit a landing page and enter your name and email to download an eBook on social media marketing.The next time you visit the same site, you’re greeted by name. Not only that, you are also shown more eBooks related to social media marketing.

This is the digital equivalent of the maitre’d at your favorite hotel greeting you by name and ushering you to your favorite table - it’s personal, intimate and helps you stand out in a sea of me-too competitors.

It’s kind of obvious but I predict that in 2017, we’ll see more and more marketers push towards providing highly personalized experiences.

How to use this trend...

Personalization depends heavily on data. The more you know about your customers, the more personalized messages you can deliver.Start by collecting essential data from your visitors. If you’re in B2B, this might be:

  • Name

  • Email

  • Company URL

  • Company Size

  • Department Size/Budget

  • Designation

You don’t have to collect all this data from the get-go. Start by targeting the “low hanging fruit” of client data - names and emails. Most visitors will be happy to share these with you in exchange for compelling content (such as an eBook).

Once you have this basic data, start a lead nurturing campaign where you offer leads access to great content in exchange for more data.

Say, in your first lead nurturing email, you might offer leads who’d downloaded a social media playbook a 1-hour social media marketing webinar. To sign-up for this webinar, leads need to enter their company size, URL and designation.

By breaking up data collection into multiple steps, you build trust, thus removing a lot of user resistance and reducing negative impact on your conversion rates.Once you have some data, plug these into high-impact sections of your landing page, such as CTAs.

Another way would be to show different content for different users.

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