Top five digital marketing trends for 2017

James Gaubert - 2017 Digital Trends

2017 may well be bringing uncertainty (thank you Trump and BREXIT), but we’re shirking that and focusing instead on the awesome tech trends ahead. Here’s our top 5 picks for 2017:

2017 is the year that we'll all get serious about AI (Artificial Intelligence) – that’s everything from speech recognition software to robotics. The challenge is going to be businesses deciding how it can work for them.

Digital twinning. Businesses will save big on prototypes by digitally twinning their physical products – a trend that’s going to grow in 2017.

The phenomenal success of Pokemon Go – of which downloads will have reached 150m by January – means even more innovation in Augmented Reality (AR). It’s expected to get pretty big in the retail sector with tech researchers Gartner predicting that 20% of brands will be using AR by the end of the year

Want to be seen on social? You’re gonna have to Pay to Play; organic campaign days are over as unpaid reach is around just 2%!

Businesses are going to accelerate investment in their talent to overcome the digital skills shortage; there’ll be lots more awareness in the C-Suite about what they need to do to future-proof their brand.

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