6 Reasons To Connect With Everyone On LinkedIn

1. To be found and contacted by more professionals:

Increasing your 1st degree network grows your your 2nd and 3rd degree by millions more people.

2. To drive more traffic to your site:

Any time you update your status or profile, it shows up on the homepage of everyone you are connected to. More connections = more eyeballs.

3. To generate a TON more leads:

Simple. More connections = more potential leads

4. To build your database:

Your database is one of your most valuable assets in business. LinkedIn allows you to export your contacts (the other “top social networking sites” don’t).

5. To create more opportunities:

So many more opportunities come in that normally wouldn’t because you are on the “top of mind” for people who might not know you that well (as opposed to the close network of people you already know).

6. To build thought leadership:

The more people you connect with, inspire, help, and influence, the bigger impact you will have on the world. This creates the potential for more recommendations, more referrals, and a bigger platform as a thought leader in your niche.

Do you connect with everyone who sends you an invite, or do you only add those you know very well? What are some other reason for connecting with everyone, or not connecting with everyone?


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