Social Media Marketing: Using LinkedIn and Slideshare for SEO

LinkedIn - The Digital Diary - James Gaubert

Social media as an SEO tool goes far beyond simply driving traffic towards your website.

In fact, social media sites, particularly LinkedIn and Slideshare, can help you boost your brand’s visibility in a number of ways. Why use them, you may ask? LinkedIn is currently the best-performing professional networking site in the world, and they own SlideShare. The close relationship between the two means they impact each other’s SEO. Google has taken notice of these changes and appears ready to reward users with better search results.

With that in mind, here are four ways to improve your Atlanta social media marketing efforts via LinkedIn and Slideshare:

Which keywords and phrases are most relevant to your business?

You need to prove to search engines that your digital footprint is relevant for certain keywords and phrases, and this is where LinkedIn and SlideShare become useful. To identify keywords and phrases, use tools like Google’s Keyword Planner. After identifying your best keywords and phrases, use them in your LinkedIn and SlideShare posts.

Optimize your LinkedIn profile

The key to LinkedIn optimization is to ensure that your entire profile is completely filled out while placing emphasis on including your identified keywords and phrases organically. Meanwhile, at the top of the description field, input your most important keywords and phrases, and then separate them by a symbol such as a comma. Limit text to approximately 100 characters (including spaces and symbols) for maximum effect.

Optimize LinkedIn showcase pages

Your showcase pages on LinkedIn allow you to highlight particular products and services. LinkedIn users can follow your showcase pages, and you can publish status updates to them. To optimize it, include target SEO keywords in both the showcase page name AND description, then provide a link to the corresponding product or service page on your website.

Optimize SlideShare Assets

When you build an attractive and well-researched presentation that also uses organically-placed keywords, you drastically boost the SEO of your SlideShare presentation and make it easy for people to find. Be sure to include your target SEO keyword in the title, as it is one of Google’s most important ranking signals. Include your main keyword in the description and the Tags section.

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