25 Free Ways to Increase Your Instagram Followers

There are several benefits with utilising social media marketing, and using Instagram is a great marketing tool for brands wanting to acquire more customers and gain more visibility. It’s also an incredible platform for people who enjoy sharing their stories and moods through pictures.

However, in a business perspective, posting photos on Instagram and not getting little to no likes, or not having your follower count increase is both disappointing and discouraging. So how do we rectify that? How can we make the best out of this social media app without spending too much money and resources?

Below are 25 free and easy ways to acquire more followers on Instagram in order to increase engagement and to convert users into customers by having them engage with the brand.

  1. Promote your Instagram account on other social media accounts (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube). Let the people know what kind of posts they can expect to see on your feed.

  2. Using popular hashtags can garner likes and followers; but ensure that the hashtags you use are relevant to your posts.

  3. Create relevant and creative photos for your Instagram feed. Always remember that quality always beats quantity. People would rather follow accounts who have quality photos than not.

  4. Hold competitions on Instagram. It’s a great way to engage your followers, and at the same time your engagement and visibility increases.

  5. Caption your photos with a statement or question, as this will evoke a reaction or response from your followers, while simultaneously increasing engagement.

  6. Google for the best day to post on Instagram. They say that you gain more visibility and engagement if you post on Sundays and Wednesdays respectively. Also, research shows that the most effective time to post is at 5PM and 2AM.

  7. Stay consistent with what you post. This will allow people to know what kind of content you post and what your brand’s purpose is for using that platform.

  8. Geotag your posts, especially for those with local businesses. Geotagging your photos lets other users who post photos in the same sector see yours. It’s also a great way to attract more followers from your area.

  9. According to research, photos that have the colour blue in it get 24% more likes than photos that have red or orange in it.

  10. Come up with a branded hashtag. This encourages followers to use it, thus simultaneously increasing engagement and visibility.

  11. Iconosquare is a site where you are able to track your account’s growth. It’s an effective way to see what types of images you post generate more likes and engagement.

  12. Research shows that posts that are 65-85% lighter acquire 24% more likes that posts that are not.

  13. Create a social media calendar. Planning and preparing what to post, when to post allows you to remain consistent with how you use the platform. Being intentional with your posts guarantees more success.

  14. Research also indicates that images with edges or structures in it gain 125% more likes.

  15. Crowdfire is a tool that online marketers use to analyse the follower/unfollower stats of their Instagram account.

  16. Interact with your followers. Engaging with them not only allows you to increase the engagement, but it also lets you convert your followers into customers.

  17. Ensure that you use relevant keywords on your bio and a link of your site so that your followers will know more about your brand or business.

  18. Find hashtags that are relevant to your brand or business so you can pinpoint users that have high engagement and a high follower count. Network and develop relationships with them because the possibilities are endless when you have several connections.

  19. Piqora is a tool that lets you view the photos you post with the highest engagement. This way, you are able to create similar posts to gain more visibility and increase your follower count.

  20. Create posts that have people’s faces. It’s said that posts that have faces in it receive 35% more likes than those without.

  21. Post candid photos of what goes on behind the scenes. This gives your followers a glimpse of the personality of your brand, thus capturing their interest.

  22. Schedule your Instagram posts with Latergramme. Remember that posting regularly increases engagement and allows your follower count to grow.

  23. You can incorporate your Instagram username on your brand’s marketing materials, such as cards, signs, products sheets, and more.

  24. Tag people on posts that are relatable and relevant. Those posts show on users’ feeds, and the tendency is for them to share it. It’s also an effective way to acquire new followers and customers.

  25. Share posts of your followers where they mention your brand or product. Doing so would motivate others to do the same, thus increasing engagement and visibility.

Bear in mind that it’s pointless to have a high follower count if you have a low engagement rate. To successfully convert followers into customers, interact with your fans and heed their opinions and thoughts. Following these 25 helpful tips will then ensure an increase in followers, engagement, and visibility for your brand on Instagram.

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