7 SEO Trends to Watch Out for in 2016

Presently, the digital market is progressing at a rapid rate, and the competition between brands exponentially grows. According to searchengineland.com, SEO is defined as “the process of driving traffic from organic and paid sources to rank highest on search engine result pages (SERPs)”. And this makes SEO so crucial at this stage.

Good SEO content allows you to increase visibility, convert users to consumers, drive quality traffic, and improve your brand’s online reputation. Also, having good SEO gives better return on investment (ROI) compared to other kinds of online marketing like Social Media Marketing (SMM), E-mail Marketing, or Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising.

But due to the digital market growing more competitive and advanced, this forces digital marketers to create innovative and unique SEO strategies to try to remain ahead of everyone to maintain a high ranking on the SERPs. In order to succeed, what methods can they use to stay on top?

Below are 7 current SEO trends to watch out for this year that can be of great value and deliver significant results in this dynamic and challenging market.

Local Search

Google’s intricate local index is going to expand local searches. Entrepreneur.com states that local SEO is going to play an important role in the coming months. According to experts, there’s also the likelihood that SERP ranking will be produced based on the user’s current location. Doing so would compel digital marketers to concentrate on producing location specific keywords and content for their brand in order to have more advantage.

Content Aggregation

Content Aggregation is a very popular trend in the digital market. Digitalcurrent.com posted an article revealing that 85% of Google search results are from social media, news, images, wiki, and videos. It’s clear to see that all pertinent information people search for on a certain topic are in one place. This makes sense, as it’s less of a hassle for users to continue scouring the Internet, clicking on pages that offer the same content when they can click on a link that already provides them everything they need and more.

This is why content aggregation exists, and why it continues to be of value to everyone. It’s a practical way of collecting and accumulating all data needed on a specified subject in order to create a comprehensive write-up that would attract more users to traffic their site, thus increasing their SERP ranking and improving the brand’s online reputation.

But what marketers should always bear in mind is to steer clear of plagiarising existing content in order to avoid copyright issues. Brands still make this common error, and instead of benefiting from this prevalent trend, they face the consequences of being penalised.

Voice Search Function

Technology is constantly improving and changing in leaps and bounds. Recently, voice search functions in mobile devices have become instrumental to people, especially those who are frequently on the go. Apple’s “Siri”, Google’s “Google Now”, and Microsoft’s “Cortana” revolutionised voice-recognition commands, and as it continues to gain popularity this trend will become more crucial for marketers and businesses this year.

Traditional keyword-based search will slowly decline, paving the way for voice searches. So it’s high time to establish keywords that are casual and fit every day conversations as opposed to formal and literary. It would also benefit marketers to optimise their brand’s site for voice search as a way to convert more users into consumers and increase their rank in SERPs.

Social Content

It’s been revealed that Google has collaborated with popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, allowing their content to appear on SERPs and making these platforms more important and relevant in the digital world. Because of that, more social content will be indexed on Google, as well as Yahoo and Bing.

As the digital world continues to evolve, there’s no doubt that social media will soon become a very effective SEO strategy in terms of valuable content, making it even more competitive among brands.

Video Content

Videos are getting more popular on the Internet. According to Marketing Land, 62% of Google’s universal searches are videos. Besides that, videos also garner at least 50 times better organic page ranks in Google as opposed to text results. Additionally, Relesee.com states that video searches also have a 41% higher click-through rate (CTR) compared to static text content.

With these stats, digital marketers are bound to take more advantage of it. This year, there will definitely be a significant growth in video content, and more marketers will turn to Video SEO strategies as it can drive more conversion rate, boost rankings in SERPs, and increase engagement rate.

Google recently announced that they would now include video ads in search results. It’s just more reason to create a strong Video SEO strategy in order to increase the ranking of your website.

Mobile Applications

Marketers and businesses are beginning to see the advantage of mobile apps. According to an online source, people spend 89% of their time using mobile apps, while Tech Crunch revealed that people spend 52% of their time on online digital media. This goes to show how the use of mobile and mobile apps is gradually taking over in the digital age; and it won’t be a surprise if mobile apps gain control over mobile websites and desktops this year.

And because it’s expected that people will start using mobile apps than desktop and mobile websites, marketers and businesses should now consider building their own mobile app. By optimising this into their strategies, they should also make sure to provide proper links in order to increase their SERP ranking.

Mobile Optimisation

Last year, brands started going mobile-friendly as more people tend to be online on their mobile phones. This year, expect more brands getting into the trend. Because mobile devices are growing more popular than laptops and desktops nowadays, it only makes sense that mobile optimisation will become a standard SEO strategy.

At this stage, digital marketers would have to generate their SEO strategies in regards to mobile searches in order for them to stay on top. Fortunately, Designhill.com provides marketers a list of SEO tools and resources that will help make mobile optimisation easier for everyone.

While these trends may not be beneficial to some businesses, in others it can be instrumental for them. And it’s only a matter of time before these 7 SEO trends dominate the digital world this 2016.


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