August 5, 2017

Overdose of Parallax

In Parallax Scrolling, the background moves slower than the foreground, creating a 3D effect. It’s a hot favorite among designers to enhance designs and add a subtle depth to the elements, but can be overwhelming if executed by amateurs.


  • Heavy use of graphics and javascript slows down the website.

  • It’s bad for SEO as single page layout with parallax design has only a little content for search engines to crawl.

  • It has severe usability is...

March 11, 2017

Ok so its a rainy Saturday afternoon and i'm sat here playing with my site and thought why not share some quick website tips...ok so here we go...

1. If you haven’t updated your website since 2010, do it now. A clean, modern design is key in digital marketing, plus it ensures that you meet today’s best practices and Web standards.

2. Make your website mobile-friendly! The 2016 Local Search Study results indicate that nearly 80% of local mobile searches end in a purchase. This is a...

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