January 20, 2018

So Facebook makes an algorithmic change, the end result, mad panic and hysteria!

In contrast Google makes on average 550 changes to its algorithm every year, why? To improve the overall customer experience and ensure that the content we are served is relevant – exactly the same as Facebook are trying to achieve with their latest change.

I’ve read what feels like literally hundreds of posts and articles this year already about the detrimental effect this is going to have on publish...

July 24, 2017

Not so long ago I was watching the Social Network movie on television, there was at least one or two scenes where Mark Zuckerberg talked about not monetizing Facebook….ahhh how those days are long gone!

Is it just me or are Facebook ads popping up all over the place? And not in a good way!

- It started selling mid-roll video ads, and more importantly, it started funding video projects that could host those ads. It’s even paying video publishers to make TV shows for Facebook, a c...

March 14, 2017

Social media is constantly evolving and can be hard to predict what’s coming next. Who would have guessed that Chewbacca Mom would be so popular, Pokemon Go? We can’t know what will be popular in the coming years, however we can set ourselves up for success with some best practices and logical anticipation based on user behavior and industry trends.

A good social media strategy is critical to seeing marketing success now and down the road.  With social media expected to take...

March 6, 2017

The challenge: Thanks to faster internet and the ubiquity of mobile devices, live video-streaming is predicted to be one of the most popular social media tactics for 2017. If your business is brand new, however, knowing where to get started -- or even where to build an engaged audience on social media -- can be a challenge.

Your solution: Rather than jump straight into live-streaming a product demo to an audience of one, James Gaubert recommends covering all your social medi...

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