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February 16, 2017

The world of Internet advertising is ever-changing and dynamic. New updates and features by most of the platforms, CPC advertising is undergoing rapid change. 2016 saw similar changes and it turned out well for the industry

Rise of Shopping Campaigns

Google constantly adds features to its shopping campaign and will continue to do so. Shopping campaigns allow marketers to add other information such as prices, product ratings, and Twitter followers. Further updates in 2016 allow mar...

May 18, 2016

Ok so I was going to come up with 10 but thats been done before right?

So we here go - nine little nuggets for you!

- Google’s advertising revenue is larger than that of the entire U.S. print industry. (The Wonder of Tech)

- 30% of companies outsource their paid search advertising, and 28% do so for display advertising. (MediaPost)

- Total internet advertising spending is growing 16% per year. Mobile accounts for 11% of the total. (TechCrunch)

- 61% of CMOs say search engines are an...

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