October 6, 2016

Put the keywords to work. It's not enough to just use the keywords in 2-3% of the copy. You need to put the primary keyword in the title of the blog/article, as well as in the first and last sentence. By doing this, the keywords stand out to the search engine crawlers, as well as the eyes of the readers. Remember, the people using search engines are searching for that particular phrase because they want to know more about it/buy it, so it makes sense to give them what they're lo...

May 20, 2016

Social media as an SEO tool goes far beyond simply driving traffic towards your website.

In fact, social media sites, particularly LinkedIn and Slideshare, can help you boost your brand’s visibility in a number of ways. Why use them, you may ask? LinkedIn is currently the best-performing professional networking site in the world, and they own SlideShare. The close relationship between the two means they impact each other’s SEO. Google has taken notice of these changes and appears...

May 10, 2016

A brand’s online status can have a great influence on every aspect of the digital marketing program. It’s important to remember that monitoring your brand’s social activity is an effective long-term strategy. From click-through rate (CTR) to conversion rate, it’s critical to control all sorts of online activity around your brand in order to maintain its reputation on the Internet.

However, not many digital marketers have the patience for these kinds of strategies, especially when...

May 8, 2016

Presently, the digital market is progressing at a rapid rate, and the competition between brands exponentially grows. According to searchengineland.com, SEO is defined as “the process of driving traffic from organic and paid sources to rank highest on search engine result pages (SERPs)”. And this makes SEO so crucial at this stage.

Good SEO content allows you to increase visibility, convert users to consumers, drive quality traffic, and improve your brand’s online reputation. Als...

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